Évian x Alexander Wang

Évian pursues its round of collaborations with fashion designers and teamed up with Alexander Wang to create a new bottle. The French brand asked the designer —who’s recently left Balenciaga— his interpretation of the water sourced from the French Alps.

The result: two bottles emblazoned with oversized barcodes, one black, one white, patterns he’s featured in his own collections once, and that questions our relationship with consumption. «There’s a little bit of irony to it», he admitted.

«Mineral water is about everyday consumption but [also] premium dimensions with the iconic glass bottle. That’s something that’s close to Alex’s universe», Laurent HouelÉvian‘s global brand director. «He’s also about everyday fashion that’s accessible and approachable, but with a very strong design integrity, so we really feel it’s a great match in terms of the spirit between brands.»


As for Alexander Wang, he’s just as thirsty for collaboration. Évian‘s his latest to date, after H&M and Poltrona Frau.