Michel Platini and Sepp Blatter banned for 8 years from FIFA

The verdict might well mark the end of Michel Platini and Sepp Blatter‘s careers. The two powerhouses of FIFA have been notified this morning that they were banned from all football activities by FIFA ethics committee. Effective immediately, the ban comes with a 80,000 Swiss francs (€74,000) fine for Michel Platini and a 50,000 Swiss francs (€46,000) fine for Sepp Blatter.

This comes after both men were suspected of corruption after Michel Platini was paid off 2 million Swiss francs in 2011, nine years after he performed the work he allegedly expected the payment for. None of them were able to bring reasonable proof of such oral contract. For this, the court considered they ‘abused’ their position and sentenced them for a ‘disloyal payment’.

The charge of corruption wasn’t retained though, which could have led to a lifetime banishment.

Still, eight years far away from all football activities sounds like forced retirement. Aged 79, Sepp Blatter has already come to terms with his fate. Back in June, a week after the huge FIFA scandal broke, he agreed to step down as FIFA president and probably won’t run for office again. As for Michel Platini, the 60-year-old Frenchman has lost his position at UEFA, won’t be able to run for FIFA presidency next February and won’t be able to until he’s 68. Will he be able to climb his way back to the top at that age, though?

Without surprise, the two men have announced they will appeal the decision, in the hope to be « fully cleared » from the charges.



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