Hillary Clinton wins Iowa caucus, followed closely by Bernie Sanders

She won, but not quite. Several hours after the vote meant to determine the best candidate to run for the Democrats, the final results are still pending. Hillary Clinton claims the victory, Bernie Sanders swears he is following closely.

American media publish different results for the two contenders: depending on the paper you read, you’ll see Hillary Clinton at 22%, 23% or 24%, while Bernie Sanders follows her like a shadow at 21% or 22%. A victory, but not by much.

It’s a very disappointing result for the former First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State. Despite her name, her status, her impressive resumé and her husband’s charisma, she can’t seem to be able to rally the Democrats behind her. Just like she did not see Barack Obama coming in 2008, she probably didn’t think 74-year-old  Bernie Sanders would grow to become so popular amongst democratic ranks. A little bit more left-leaning than Clinton, he defends a form of socialism and calls for a reconciliation between racial communities.

According to a poll commissioned by the New York Times, and published by Le Monde, « 84 % of 17-29 yrs old voted for Bernie Sanders, while only 14 % chose Hillary Clinton. It’s much more than what Barack Obama got in 2008: 57 % of 17-29 yrs old voted for the current president. » Hillary Clinton remains popular in the older population, though.

Does this mean that Hillary Clinton will miss out once again?



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