Jeb Bush (probably) won’t be president

There is very little chance that he will access the White House. If the results of the first caucus —that took place in Iowa— is any indication, Jeb Bush won’t succeed his father and brother at the helm of America. With a very disappointing 3%, the son of George H. and brother of George W. must have seen his dream of maintaining the Bush dynasty in power completely shattered. This is a terrible slap in the face of the famous Texan heir, who was totally overshadowed by his competitors, especially ball-busters Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, who are leading successful campaigns, which resulted in their good results: respectively 27,7% and 24%.

Worse still, Jeb Bush was outperformed by a few newcomers: Marco Rubio, who reached the third place with 23%, Ben Carson, with 9%, and Rand Paul, with 4,5%. Basically, he only did better than John Kasich, Carly Fiorina, Chris Christie, Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee —who announced that he was dropping out— who got less than 2%.

A terrible result, but one that’s not illogical. It could even be expected from the start, as Jeb Bush never managed to find his place between a media savvy Donald Trump and the evangelical darling Ted Cruz.

Maybe Jeb should have listened to his mother. In an interview with Today, two years ago, Barbara Bush opposed her son’s presidential run (at the 2’22 mark)…



Let’s see now how things will go for him from now on, and especially how well he’ll make next week at the New Hampshire caucus.



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