Prince has died, long live Prince!

Yesterday started with the Queen’s birthday and ended, sadly, with the announcement of the death of Prince. In the morning, local time, the icon of funk music was found unresponsive in his estate. He was pronounced dead shortly thereafter. As of now, the circumstances of his death are still unknown.

Very few people in the world can take pride in upstaging the queen of England. And yet, Prince Rogers Nelson, best known as Prince, did it. The sudden death of the great musician completely overshadowed the monarch’s photographs with her great-grandchildren. Only a Prince could do that.

His unexpected death is reminiscent of that of David Bowie, who lost his battle with a cancer noone knew he was plagued with, just a week after the release of his latest album.

And just like the British pop icon —whose style was a mix of originality, eccentricity and androgyny was perfectly mastered, just like his American counterpart—, Prince had released a wonderful album that proved once more how creative he was.


An eccentric, a music genius and a showman, Prince knew how to get the crowd going
An eccentric, a music genius and a showman, Prince knew how to get the crowd going


Because Prince was not a classic singer. He was a creator, a wonderful songwriter but also a creator of atmospheres and fascinating universes. His sartorial choices — sharp and unique—, his concerts —crazy and unique— complemented his wonderfully original funk, disco, hip-hop, rock and jazzy scores that became huge anthems across the decades.

KissBatDancePurple RainIf You Wanna be My Lover and many more songs became landmarks of music, won him 7 Grammy Awards, one Golden Globe, one Oscar and a spot in eternity.

“Dearly beloved we are gathered here today…”  read his classic opener. “To celebrate your wonderful life and great legacy”, we want to shout back.

Thank you for the great songs and the memories, Prince!