McDonald’s restaurant of the Vatican dips toe in philanthropy

The opening of a brand new McDonald’s restaurant within walking distance of the Vatican caused quite a stir in the area. To smooth things out with their new neighbours, the fast-food joint chose the good-deed path; it responded favourably to the call of Medicina sociale, a charity which provides medical assistance to the homeless, and promised to help them with meals.

Starting next week, McDonald’s will give a cheeseburger, an apple and a bottle of water to every beggar of St Peter’s Square.

«We need all the help we can get and […] it would be beautiful if the newcomers of St Peter’s Square would benefit from this useless controversy», the charity said in a communiqué.

On a more ironic note, the building in which McDonald’s has its joint belongs to an agency that manages the real property of the Vatican…



Photo de couverture : Pixabay

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