U.S: Muslim activists raise money to help pay for repairs to desecrated Jewish cemetery

Solidarity is a universal value, we all know it. Yet, we are always happily and incredibly surprised when it springs out, unexpected. In those moments, we realise how efficient solidarity is, how easy it is and we can’t but wonder why we are not more supportive of one another.

Over the weekend, right outside of St. Louis, the headstones of a Jewish cemetery were vandalized. A cowardly and vile act, the latest of a worrying wave of anti-Semitism, anti-minorities and anti-immigrants sentiment that’s been sweeping across the country since the election of the 45th president.

The Muslim community was the first to offer help to the Jewish community. The Washington Post reports that Muslim activists Linda Sarsour of MPower Change and Tarek El-Messidi of Celebrate Mercy launched a campaign to raise 20,000$ to pay for repairs to the desecrated cemetery.

The fundraising campaign was supposed to take a month, the 20,000$ were raised within hours.

Speaking to the Washington PostTarek El-Messidi said «This is really a human issue. But out of this horrible election cycle, something beautiful has come out of it and [Muslims and Jews have] bonded together to support each other and stand up to this hate. Politics can get in the way of our basic humanity; I hope this breaks through all those walls, no pun intended, to help bring us closer together.»

Tarek El-Messidi also said that the extra money would be saved «to assist other vandalized Jewish centres nationwide.» So far, 57,242$ have been raised.

The Jews and the Muslims, sworn enemies, really ?



Photo de couverture : Yound student of a madrassa / Pixabay

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