An apartment in Vilnius, by Interjero Architektūra

The owners of this apartment located in the heart of Old Vilnius, in a century old building, asked the designers at Interjero Architektūra to make their (almost) 50 sqm crib a nice pied-à-terre they could use every time they stopped in town.

The building the apartment’s in was built in 1904 and designed for residential use. It was later transferred to the Jesuit Order, then turned into a commissariat in the Soviet time and handed back to the Church after the independence. When they chose to renovate it, the Jesuits chose to give it back it’s first use and turned it back into a residential building.

And Interjero Architektūra used what’s definitely an original history to renovate the couple’s place, and mixed styles from the 20th century, vintage, modern and industrial pieces, making it an eclectic, original dwelling.

The apartment’s biggest feature is without question its high ceilings. They let plenty of natural light in and make the rooms more spacious.

Interjero Architektūra used it in the American kitchen to create a built-in storage cabinet covered with a tinted mirror plaque.

Next to it, in the living room, a wallpaper motif is glued on the ceiling. It complements perfectly the pieces that were picked to decorate the place: from the wood panel that separates the social spaces from the private spaces, the bed cover of one of the bedrooms, the carpet in the living room, the floor of the bathroom… shades of grey reign supreme and bring out a nice softness.

Here and there, touches of colour (mostly cobalt blue and the copper of the industrial style pieces of décor) pop out and make things joyous.

The wood panels, the parquet and the wood chairs of the kitchen give a sense of warmth that would have lacked had they not been there.


  • Architects: Interjero Architektūra
  • Location: Mindaugo g. 14, Vilnius 03225, Lithuania
  • Interior Architect: Indrė Sunklodienė
  • Area: 49.0 m²
  • Project Year: 2016
  • Photographs: Leonas Garbačauskas



© Leonas Garbačauskas

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